Tomodachi Guide in KUMAGAYA



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Course duration starts from 3 hours.


With these courses, you can enjoy a broad experience of Kumagaya’s food, sights and gifts. Course duration starts from 3 hours regardless of the season. How about trying the local shrines, udon, parks and gift shops with a local guide?




Experience another culture through its cuisine.
You can choose the course duration!


We’ll show you Kumagaya’s best food. There is horumon, a local Japanese-style pork barbecue; shaved ice with a fluffy texture; and gokabou, which is a traditional confectionary made from soybean flour, glutinous flour, sugar and glucose syrup. Eat, see and experience everything Kumagaya has to offer!



If you wish to discuss our courses further, please contact the Kumagaya City Tourist Association. We’ll be happy to help you make plans with a local guide who lives in Kumagaya!